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New Year – No Carbs = Nonsense

New Year, New You….. right? So many people declare to eat better in the New Year, and you should. Like, for real, you really really should. So as people declare to me one by one that they will be taking this diet thing by storm, I ask “So what are you doing differently in your diet?...... and I wait for…

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Have you PR’ed lately?

PR’s ! Are you familiar with this term? If you are in fitness or sports, then you probably are. If you are not, let me help you with a quick explanation. It is simple. PR - stands for personal record. In the gym or sports, new personal records are set by beating your personal best time or lb's in lifting,…

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Pyramid Schemes

I understand if you are tired of seeing multi-Level marketing products on your facebook/instagram/snapchat feeds...... I understand when several people come together in a social media frenzy touting crazy results  from a certain product or company that it looks a little "cult-ish". I understand that some people are just turned off by salesmen (women) of ANY kind. Whether they are selling…

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Motivation- I’m Just Say’n

“I lost my motivation, how do I get it back?”, “Where is my motivation?”, “How do you stay motivated?” My answer: No sugar coating. Prepare yourself. Take a deep breathe and take a long look in the mirror. Motivation is not something that “just happens.” There is no pregnancy test for motivation. Here pee on a stick- are you motivated…

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