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Meet THE Millers!

Jami Miller created T.F.P The Fitness Professionals 17 years ago while in college. After spending many years struggling with her weight and hitting roadblock after roadblock of misinformation for nutrition and weight loss she decided enough was enough. She graduated with honors in  Kinesiology  with an emphasis in psychology. From there she opened the first T.F.P. – The Fitness Professionals facility.

Jeff Miller suffered through high school as the “skinny guy”.  After spending years and tons of money studying ways to gain muscle and size the wrong way …… he decided to go back to the drawing board. Studying nutrition and lifts relentlessly has allowed him to build a priceless knowledge base to help men look younger and feel amazing, athletes create speed, size and increase performance potential, and still find time to empower young kids through programs that make fitness and nutrition learnable and fun!

This power house couple has a real life fairytale story of how they eventually married……we will save that for another time.  After they married, the struggle quickly intensified. People criticized them for going all in and starting a new gym and a family . The rapid growth of the facility was almost too much for Jeff and Jami to handle.  Jeff and Jami take a lot of pride in their journey and they will be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy.  Through all of this they have learned the “perfect balance.”

Now, 10 years later,  they spend all their time helping people learn how to balance business,  physical and spiritual health, and raising two beautiful daughters.  They truly believe that in order to “have it all” you MUST have balance in all these areas.  In other words, it is awesome if you have an insanely ripped body but it means nothing if you are broke or you have poor relationships with family or friends.

Having it ALL means ALL AREAS OF LIFE.  Are YOU ready to REALLY have it all?